Excerpt from “Alaska Highway Flight Log” – Chapter: “Across Saskatchewan To Alberta”

Published April 28, 2017

Paul Law, The Good Samaritan of Whitecourt

At 7 a.m. as promised Kim Rubbert pulled up to the hotel entrance. He had another cigarette wedged in the corner of his mouth and a smile across the remainder of his lips. As he assisted in getting the plane ready, Kim kept up a constant chatter about his life and his flying. “My dad was a pilot and taught me to fly as a boy,” he said. “He would go to sleep while I was flying north and then wake up, take one look at the landscape, nod and go back to sleep.”

Kim, we had concluded over our meal the previous night, was a prince of a fellow and a bold pilot. He said he was originally from North Dakota, from a place about 45 miles south of Carlyle. He recalled coming across the border for work in 1979. “It’s too late to go back,” he said, although he still has a family farm in North Dakota and visits occasionally. “My life is here in Canada now,” he said.

We thanked Kim for his last bit of assistance, finding a grease gun to pump another shot into the balky tailwheel swivel. The forecast was good weather the entire day, July 14, and we intended to make optimum use of it, flying deep into the province of Alberta. We lifted off just after eight bound for North Battleford, also in Saskatchewan, nearly 300 miles north and west.