Excerpt from “Alaska Highway Flight Log” – Chapter: “Whitehorse, Yukon To Fairbanks”

Published May 10, 2017

Breathtaking Is An Understatement

I sat in my darkened room at the Airport Chalet Hotel above Whitehorse Airport and listened to the briefer in Edmonton. “High winds forecast,” he said. I only had to look outside the window to see the flags across the street being whipped in all directions. “Good visibility,” the briefer continued, “some turbulence, slight possibility of showers.” Our flight across the Yukon into Northway, Alaska, would apparently not be uneventful.

I got busy on the eAPIS internet site and typed in our border crossing information. My estimate was that we would land in Northway at 1230 local time. Half an hour later I met Albert in the breakfast room where I splurged on pancakes and sausage. Neither of us had any Canadian money, but credit cards had worked the entire trip. I had long since forgotten to worry about how much I was spending. Time enough to add it up when the bills came in next month.