Excerpt from The Farmer and the Dolphin – Page 5: “A Stranding At Garden City Beach”

Published August 28, 2018

C.P. Mincey, a vacationing, 86-year-old farmer from nearby Marion
County, stepped down the last stair of his beach house onto the sand. It
was Nov. 2, 2013. The crops had been gathered and the Mincey family
from Nichols, S.C., was officially on autumn vacation. Under his arm
Mincey carried a rolled length of nylon weave called a gill net. As he
had done for more than 40 years, he was going fishing. He began by
tying a rope from one end of the 100-foot net to a support post of the
wooden fence atop the sand dune in front of the house. He would then
stretch the other end out into the surf. When the tide came in overnight
he hoped to catch a few blues and spots and mullets and whatever
other gilled small fry tangled in the net.

C.P. and Betty Mincey had owned the 65- by 150-foot lot on the
Garden City shore since 1964. They built a beach cottage there a year
later and named it the Cynthia Ann after their first child Cindy born in
1947. Hurricane Hugo blew that house away in 1989 and the couple
rebuilt. The new two-story house was called the Min-Sea. Over the
years as the children—Cindy, Charles (1950) and Kenneth (1954)—
grew old enough, they helped put out the net in a rite of autumn.