Excerpt from The Farmer and the Dolphin – Page 50: “Accused By A DNR Officer – But Not Charged”

Published September 9, 2018

How did he become familiar with the gill net regulations? Cole

“I think I took that upon myself at an early age,” Pop said. “Knowing
that I was using a piece of equipment, I wanted to know what the laws
were on it and so I would research it on my own, I would ask people. I
was fortunate enough to live in close proximity to Fort Johnson, which
is South Carolina DNR’s home office for this part of the world, and so
I would go down there on my bicycle and talk to the officers and ask
some of the technicians what the regulations were because I didn’t want
to get in trouble.”

Cole turned to Judge Coughlin. “Your honor,” she said, “in addition
to his law enforcement credentials, we would also like to qualify Judge
Pop as an expert in recreational gill net fishing in South Carolina.”

LeGette and Berry had waited for the right moment to challenge
Pop’s status and at this point LeGette stood and asked, “Your Honor,
we would respectfully request that since he is no longer employed in
DNR and that he is an active Judge that he may want to consider not
testifying as an expert in that field.”